B/K Multifamily was founded in 1992, beginning with a small portfolio of value-add properties which expanded to include more than a billion dollars of apartment units. In 1998, B/K Multifamily Services became part of the company’s platform. B/K Multifamily Services has managed more than 33,000 units, and in 2005 commenced the development of more than 3,600 apartment units.

B/K Multifamily has operated in thirteen states from the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast through the Southwest to California. Today, the company enjoys a broad-based, fully integrated multifamily platform, which enables the B/K Multifamily team to bring value to any multifamily property or portfolio. Our track record has been one of significant success, consistently delivering double-digit cash-on-cash yields and internal rates of return significantly above market expectations.


Investment partners include nationally recognized pension funds, hedge funds, Wall Street investment banks, money center and international banks, private equity funds, and family offices. The company excels at developing long-term co-investment relationships, providing the opportunity to complete multiple follow-on transactions, and has successfully executed as many as thirty property transactions with the same partner.